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Тест по теме - диалоги в ресторане на английском


Оттачивайте свои навыки общения в ресторане на английском языке с нашим тестом по диалогам. Проверьте свои знания уже сейчас! Владение специфическим словарным запасом может значительно облегчить ваши посещения ресторанов за границей, улучшить ваш опыт общения и избежать недопонимания. Наш тест предлагает вам погрузиться в атмосферу настоящего англоязычного ресторана, где каждый ваш ответ поможет улучшить навыки ведения диалогов.

СТАТЬЯ ПО ТЕМЕ: Диалоги в ресторане на английском

Для каждого диалога дан список слов, которые необходимо использовать в диалоге

Диалоги в ресторане на английском

Заполните пропуски в диалогах:

Диалог №1: Заказ в ресторане

Пропущенные слова: right away, menu, have, come, wine, recommend.

Customer: Good evening. Could I see the , please?

Waiter: Of course. Here you go. Might I our special dish of the day, the grilled salmon?

Customer: That sounds interesting. What does it with?

Waiter: It comes with a side of roasted vegetables and a lemon butter sauce.

Customer: I'll that, then. And to drink, I’d like a bottle of your finest white .

Waiter: Very good choice. I'll bring your drink .

Диалог №2: Просьба о смене блюда

Пропущенные слова: prepare, well-done, shortly, water, rare.

Customer: Excuse me, this steak is too for my liking. Could I possibly get it a bit more ?

Waiter: Absolutely, I apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll it to your liking. Anything else I can assist with in the meantime?

Customer: Yes, could I also get some more ?

Waiter: Right away. I'll ensure your steak is back to you .

Диалог №3: Запрос на рекомендации официанта

Пропущенные слова: cheesecake, salad, coffees, recommend, shortly.

Customer: We’re having a bit of trouble deciding. What would you from the dessert menu?

Waiter: I'd highly recommend our . It’s been a favorite among our guests.

Customer: That sounds delicious. Do you have anything a bit lighter, though?

Waiter: In that case, our fresh fruit is a lovely choice. It’s served with a minty yogurt dressing.

Customer: We'll try one of each, please. And could we get two as well?

Waiter: Of course, I'll have those out to you .

Диалог №4: Оплата счёта

Пропущенные слова: emailed, add, immediately, separately, pay.

Customer: We’re ready to the bill whenever you are.

Waiter: Thank you. Will you be paying together or ?

Customer: Together, please. Could you also a 15% tip to the total?

Waiter: Certainly, I appreciate your generosity. Here is the bill. Take your time.

Customer: Could I have the receipt to me as well?

Waiter: Absolutely, I'll take care of it .