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Диалоги из бизнеса на английском, деловая лексика


Откройте для себя реалистичные диалоги из бизнеса на английском языке, обогащенные деловой лексикой и терминологией. Улучшите свои навыки коммуникации в корпоративной среде и станьте успешным профессионалом с нашими практическими примерами разговоров.

Dialogue 1: Meeting Between the Project Manager, Lead Developer, and Marketing Specialist

Project Manager (PM): Good morning everyone, I've called this meeting to discuss the progress of our latest project, the "ABC App". I'd like to get an update from each department, starting with you, our Lead Developer.

Lead Developer (LD): Thank you. Our development team has been working diligently to meet the milestones laid out in the project plan. We've completed the frontend design and are currently working on the backend functionality. We expect to have a functional prototype ready for testing within two weeks.

Marketing Specialist (MS): That's great news! The marketing team has been working on a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for the ABC App. We've identified our target audience, and we're in the process of creating promotional materials and a social media campaign to generate buzz prior to launch.

PM: Excellent, I'm glad to hear that we're on track. Please ensure that you keep me updated on any challenges or potential delays. We'll reconvene in one week to assess our progress and make any necessary adjustments to the timeline.

LD: Understood. We'll keep you informed of any developments.

MS: Likewise, we'll keep you in the loop on our marketing efforts.

PM: Thank you both for your hard work. Let's continue to push for success and make the ABC App a reality.


Dialogue 2: Performance Review Between a Manager and Employee

Manager (M): Good afternoon, Sarah. Thank you for joining me for your annual performance review. I'd like to start by discussing your achievements this year and areas of growth.

Employee (E): Thank you for the opportunity. I appreciate your feedback and guidance.

M: Over the past year, you've demonstrated excellent communication skills, particularly in your ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. Your project management skills have also improved, and you've become an invaluable asset to the team.

E: I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had to develop my skills and contribute to the success of the team.

M: There are some areas where I believe you can continue to grow. I'd like to see you take on more responsibility in leading projects and mentoring junior team members.

E: I appreciate that feedback and will work on developing my leadership skills in the coming year.

M: Great, I look forward to seeing your continued progress. I'll make sure to provide you with the necessary resources and support to help you succeed in these areas.

Dialogue 3: Negotiation Between a Purchasing Manager and a Vendor

Purchasing Manager (PM): Thank you for meeting with me today. We're interested in your company's products, but we need to discuss the pricing and terms before we can proceed.

Vendor (V): Of course, we're happy to negotiate and find a mutually beneficial arrangement.

PM: Based on our research, we believe a 15% discount on the listed prices would be appropriate given the volume of our order.

V: We can offer a 10% discount for the volume you're considering. However, if you increase the order by an additional 20%, we can agree to the 15% discount you're seeking.

PM: I'll need to discuss this proposal with our management team. Additionally, we require 60-day payment terms. Can you accommodate that request?

V: We typically offer 30-day payment terms, but given the size of the order, we can agree to the 60-day terms you've requested.

PM: Thank you for your flexibility. I'll present this proposal to our management team and get back to you with a final decision as soon as possible.


Dialogue 4: Human Resources and Employee Discussing Benefits

  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization): План PPO предлагает большую гибкость при выборе поставщиков медицинских услуг. Он позволяет посещать как сетевых, так и несетевых поставщиков, не требуя направления к специалистам. Планы PPO обычно имеют более высокие ежемесячные страховые взносы и большее участие в расходах при обращении к поставщикам, не входящим в сеть, но они предоставляют большую свободу в выборе врачей и специалистов.
  • HMO (Health Maintenance Organization): План HMO требует, чтобы вы выбрали врача первичной медицинской помощи (PCP) в сети, который будет координировать все ваши медицинские потребности. Если вам необходимо обратиться к специалисту, вы должны получить направление от своего PCP. Планы HMO обычно имеют более низкие ежемесячные взносы и расходы на оплату услуг, но предлагают меньшую гибкость в выборе поставщиков медицинских услуг по сравнению с планами PPO.
  • 401(k) plan: План 401(k) - это план пенсионных накоплений, который позволяет работникам в США отчислять часть своей заработной платы до уплаты налогов на пенсионные накопления. Взносы инвестируются, и средства растут с отсрочкой уплаты налогов до тех пор, пока они не будут изъяты при выходе на пенсию. Многие работодатели также предлагают сопоставимые взносы, что означает, что они вносят дополнительную сумму (обычно процент от взноса работника) на счет 401(k). Такой сопоставимый взнос работодателя фактически предоставляет "свободные деньги" для пенсионных накоплений работника.

Human Resources (HR): Good morning, Alex. You mentioned that you had some questions about your benefits package. I'm here to help clarify any concerns you might have.

Employee (E): Thank you. I wanted to get a better understanding of our healthcare options, specifically the differences between the HMO and PPO plans.

HR: Of course. The HMO plan requires you to select a primary care physician (PCP) within the network, who will coordinate all of your healthcare needs. Referrals are necessary for specialist visits. The PPO plan, on the other hand, offers more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers, both in and out of network, without needing referrals for specialists.

E: I see. What about the costs associated with each plan?

HR: The HMO plan generally has lower monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs, while the PPO plan tends to have higher premiums and more cost-sharing when using out-of-network providers. It's important to evaluate your individual needs and preferences when selecting a plan.

E: That makes sense. Could you also provide some information on our retirement savings options?

HR: Certainly. Our company offers a 401(k) plan, which allows you to contribute a percentage of your pre-tax salary towards your retirement savings. The company matches your contributions up to a certain percentage, which is essentially free money towards your retirement.

E: Great, I appreciate the information. I'll take some time to review the materials and make my selections.

HR: You're welcome. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help.

Dialogue 5: Sales Manager, Account Executive, and Customer Discussing a New Product

Sales Manager (SM): Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. We're excited to introduce you to our new product, the XYZ Widget. We believe it will be a game-changer in your industry.

Customer (C): I'm always interested in learning about new products that could benefit my business. Please, tell me more about the features and benefits of the XYZ Widget.

Account Executive (AE): The XYZ Widget is designed to streamline your production process, ultimately reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It's compatible with your current equipment, making integration seamless and straightforward.

SM: Additionally, our team provides extensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you get the most out of the XYZ Widget. We're confident that it will give your company a competitive edge in the market.

C: That sounds promising. However, I'm concerned about the upfront investment required. How can I be sure this product will deliver the results you claim?

AE: We understand your concern, which is why we offer a risk-free trial period. You'll have the opportunity to test the XYZ Widget within your operations and see the results firsthand before making a long-term commitment.

SM: Our goal is to build a strong, lasting partnership with our clients. We're confident that the XYZ Widget will exceed your expectations, and we're committed to supporting your success every step of the way.

C: I appreciate the offer for a trial period. Let's move forward with the trial, and I'll evaluate its performance in our operations.

SM: Excellent! We'll arrange for the trial to begin as soon as possible. Thank you for your trust and partnership.